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Coach Delta

The digital coach you have been looking for! Put in your inputs, and get your macros. Its literally that simple.

The most advanced, research based and easy to use diet spreadsheet that you will find! Forget the expensive prep coaches or online calculators and algorithms. Coach Delta is built around you and your specific weight loss goals to help you reach them! We have built this coach for you to use over and over on contest preps or fat loss phases.

All the calculations and data are automatically done for you so that you are just plugging in your stats and you are ready to go! The Calculations are derived from an immeasurable amount of research and studies that have been done on fat loss and contest preps. Additionally we have added seven different ways to calculate body fat for males and females! The options include caliper measurements and tape measurements. If you have neither we have added one that will calculate your estimated body fat based off the main page data, after entering your initial data you will have an estimated body fat right off the bat! 

You have COMPLETE control over Coach Delta. Change your fat loss rate, or activity level if your goals have changed. You will not get penalized for being non-compliant or not losing enough weight one week (life happens, we get it). You control when your macros change. Coach Delta just gives you the scientific numbers that your body needs. High/Low days? No problem, you have multiple options. Prefer more protein? We have given you a protein boost option. Tired of eating fats and want to sub for more carbs instead? All you have to do is change the Carb/Fat ratio. Coach Delta will tell you approximately how long it is going to take you to lose the weight that you have chosen to lose. You will have a date to look forward to, and you will have control over your macros to ensure you reach your goals. Watch your body fat fall as you track your weight on the included chart. Delta will calculate your average weekly weight as you weigh in so you can ensure you are staying on track. 

Remember that Coach Delta is an estimate as it is near impossible to get your body fat and maintenance calories exact, the best thing you can do is use it as a starting point and adjust from there. The longer you track everything the more you will learn about your body and the more accurate your numbers will become. 

Coach Delta can be purchased at the link below. 



Affinity Athletics Program Builder


Program Builder

One of the most detailed program builders ever created. We have done the hard part for you, now simply perform the exercises that fit! Each training split consists of pre-developed templates. You are simply choosing the exercises you would like to perform for these workouts! 

Each template is made with a certain amount of body specific training work so there is absolutely no way you can mess up the program. By filling out the input page with the exercises you would like to perform you will instantly create SEVEN unique training splits, each one a duration of 6 weeks, developed specifically with the exercises you would like to perform. Ranging from a 3 day per week split to a 6 day per week split. Body part specific splits and a power lifting split. There is split in this program builder that will fit everyone's needs!

The reps and sets will change every two weeks along with certain exercises depending on your selections and which split you are choosing to perform. Your weights for the compound lifts will automatically fill into every training split once you have filled in the compound lift section on the input page. These recommendations are percentage based and will change over each program based on scientific studied recommendations. There will also be RPE (rate of perceived exertion) recommendations for all of the accessory exercises.  An estimated one rep max progression chart and a weight and body fat chart are included in the eBook! 

No more monthly charges, one time purchase and you own it for life. If you're tired of getting bored with basic programming this is for you! Take control over your training and create a program suited to you!

The Affinity Athletics Program Builder can be purchased at the link below. 


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